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Grupo Serimica
Boulevard Raúl Leoni
Edif. Médanos 3 Local 3A
Urb. Caurimare
Caracas 1071

Tlf:   +58 (212) 515 8687
Fax: +58 (212) 986 2918
USA:  +1 786  360 8070


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SERIMICA specializes in Projects in the Electrical field and Consulting Services on the Control of Losses, Savings and Energy Efficiency, as well as the Measurement of electrical parameters and their analysis. We design Electrical Projects for Urbanistic and Industrial developments, Installations in Low, Medium, and High tension, including Energy Generation. We have now expanded to include Studies, Assessments, Procurement, and Construction in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Industrial Control and Air Conditioning and Ventilation, through our Companies: Constructora SERIMICA, VERIMICA, and SERIMICA Inc.

We offer

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Extensive experience in the Energy Sector

World-renowned Electrical Products

Multi-disciplinary Human Resources

Turnkey Projects

Adaptability and Growth Capacity


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Blueprints, Design, and Projects

Feasibility Studies

Measurement of Electromechanical parameters

Works Supervision, Reception, and Commissioning

Operation and Maintenance Programs development

Energy use Optimization

Renewable Energy Projects

Equipments, Supplies, and Assemblies


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Customer Integration

Segmentation and Flexibility

Partnerships at national and international levels

Quality Control


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